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Modern Kartons

Modern Kartons

Kipas Paper , Flow:13.560 m3/day, COD Load :81.360 kg/day

Kipas Paper , Flow:13.560 m3/day, COD Load :81.360 kg/day

Haribo Şekerleme Arıtma Tesisi

Haribo Şekerleme Arıtma Tesisi



Vinprom Pesthera / Bulgaria

Vinprom Pesthera / Bulgaria

Kasra Paper / Iran

Kasra Paper / Iran

Kent Gıda

Kent Gıda

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    ENVIROTEK is founded in 1993,  whereby its key personnel has been working worldwide especially on industrial waste water treatment field since 1985 working worldwide.
ENVIROTEK with approx. 200 references in different industries such as paper, confectionary, brewery, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, has a strong position.

    ENVIROTEK’s main competitive advantage in the sector is to design cost effective systems and follow up advanced technologies. One of the main application areas of ENVIROTEK is anaerobic treatment plants for 25 years with many references on this field. The advantages of anaerobic treatment are becoming increasingly relevant to all industries because of the rising energy, water costs and scarcity of natural sources. Stable and better effluent quality is enabling industries to recover their treated effluent partially or completely. It is higly attractive with the high efficiency, low sludge growth potential and minimizing footprint. Generation of biogas is also one of the beneficial side effects of anaerobic treatment as a renewable energy source.

   Another main application area of ENVIROTEK is designing odor and exhaust gas treatment systems. We can design horizontal and vertical wet scrubbers to remove odorous compounds from exhaust gases.

   ENVIROTEK’s skillful and well experienced engineers have been sharing their knowledge to solve the planet’s environmental problems with the same team since 1984 and will continue designing, building and operating treatment technologies through the optimal use of natural resources. We are trying to do our best to make the world livable.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Services

ENVIROTEK works especially on designing and turnkey applications all type of wastewater treatment plants in the world.

Design / Engineering Services

Environmental suggestions and designs require more experience and special design depending on the project. ENVIROTEK doesn’t work standard solutions; it first works with clients to identify their problems and then develops solutions and designs for the optimal plants.

Gas Treatment Systems

All types of exhaust gases and odor coming from processes and boilers can be treated by appropriate technology and systems. Turnkey applications, design, equipment supply, installation of gas treatment systems are also in our scope of supply. We can manufacture wet scrubbers from AISI 304, AISI 316, GRP, polypropylene or polyethylene material depending on the type of the gas.

Laboratory Services

We have a water and wastewater laboratory where we can do most of water and wastewater analyses. Depending on our engineering and consultancy services, we are doing wastewater analyses regularly for our customers to provide the well operation of the plants.

Biogas / Waste To Energy Systems

ENOR, our sister company is providing customers from agriculture, industry and municipalities with turnkey solutions for gaining biogas and energy from waste. Biogas and energy can be obtained primarily from substances with a high portion organic matter. The residues of the digesters can be processed to compost and organic fertilizers.


We signed the contract with Kipas Holding as Envirotek Treatment and Enor Energy for their Kipas Kagıt Factory wastewater treatment plant which has 13.560 m3/day capacity, the factory will be a biggest paper factories in Turkey and establishing in Kahramanmaras city. The treatment plant has anaerobic and aerobic treatment stages and will treat 81.000 kg COD/day. IC anaerobic technology of Paques (Netherland) is using for anaerobic stages and will produce 24.000 m3/day biogas which will be reused according to customer choice. Nowadays the installation works of the plant is continuing and start-up is planning et the end of year 2013.


Food Industry

Pulp & Paper Industry

Anaerobic Treatment Plants

Textile Industry

Metal Industry

Chemical Industry

Pharmaceutical Plants

Water Treatment Systems

Gas & Odor Treatment Systems

Consultancy Services

Design & Engineering Services

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